The faculty of advanced training began its work by order of the rector of TMA No. 243 dated August 20, 2015


 At 2015-2018 years  according to order number 322 the faculty was headedby associate docent of the department of hospital and faculty surgery, doctor of medical sciences Irnazarov Akmal Abdullaevich.  The faculty covered five departments  according to the order  number 87 on  4 march 2016 year
At 2018-2022 years the faculty was headed by the docent, doctor of medical sciences department of OphthalmologyZokirxodjaev Rustam Asralovich. During these years in faculty operated five departmens with educational, methodical, scientific, treatment, cultural works. This departments include; Department of improvement  and retraining  general practition doctors, ginecology and obstetrics department № 1, dermatovenereology department,
traumatology – orthopedics and military field surgery departments number 1, department of internal desease number 1.Оn this departments work 7 professors 16 docents, 10 big teachers and 32 assistants
Since May 2022 year the faculty was headed by the head of department of internal desease № 1 doctor of medical sciences, docent Nurillaeva Nargiza Muxtarxanovna. Today in our faculty two departments work with professional development of doctors. It’s the department of advanced training of doctors   and department of organization and public health protection.